How to Manage Feelings of Overwhelm

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Did you know the average person is bombarded with over 10,000 ads every single day? Ten-thousand ads in ONE day! 🤯

A simple scroll through social media reveals this number is only on the climb. A sponsored ad here, a sponsored ad there.

Before you know it, something you’ve discussed aloud magically appears in your feed. It’s a bit ridiculous (and creepy!), but it’s effective, I suppose. To think we could all be bought so easily.

On top of sponsored ads, we scroll through and view content from the people and institutions we follow. Back-to-school pics, pumpkin recipes, and soon enough, Christmas gift guides will undoubtedly fill your feed.

To makes matters worse, we seek more input and look to Doctor Google to diagnose the onset of headaches or search “lose weight fast” to prepare for an upcoming event. Of course, we know better, but why do we do this?!

It’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed by it all.

Today’s message will help free you of these overwhelming feelings, so you can get on with things that really matter and begin seeing results in all aspects of life.

Social media detox

Whether you’re searching for nutrition advice or looking to refinish your kitchen cabinets, there are “experts” at your disposal, thanks to the World Wide Web.

Once you’ve decided to lose weight, for example, it’s tempting to follow a bunch of weight loss gurus and healthy recipe pages to “motivate” you for a fresh, new start.

Don’t do this! Select 1-3 people you connect with and follow them. Applying a filter to your inputs will minimize the overwhelm, and you’ll receive more consistent advice. And you already know, consistency is key!

Unfollow social media accounts that aren’t serving you or that make you feel less-than. This “social media detox” is something I’ve practiced with my LIFe clients in the past, and it helps minimize the noise!

Being selective about what information you allow into your life minimizes the overwhelm and will enable you to focus on what’s truly important.

Just press play

Once you’ve entered your query into the search bar and hit “return,” the results populate, and instantly, you feel obligated to read every single post until you’ve found the perfect meal plan or workout routine.

The overwhelm sets in, but God forbid you half-ass it this time. And so, you power through it. This time you’re really committed, right? Wrong.

You don’t have to be perfect to start. This goes for anything in life. In fact, starting less than perfect allows room for experimentation and flexibility.

While we crave structure and rigid guidelines to get us going, they do nothing more than set you up for failure the second you fall short of perfect.

The best thing you can do is start. So whether it’s losing weight, learning to play the guitar, or teaching yourself to crochet, take the first step and just do it!

Start small, and work on 1-2 habits at a time.

Read a real book

Skip the screens and opt for a good ‘ol fashioned book!

Think about when you pick up your phone to “just check something.” Twenty minutes later, your consciousness resurfaces, and you realize you’ve lost precious time in the social media rabbit hole.

You can’t do this with a book! There are no ads that pop up and persuade you to add that new sweater to your wardrobe. No notifications to distract you from what you actually came to do.

Instead of guzzling information from a water hose, you’ve limited your input to a single source.

Plus, reading is a daily habit of high-achievers, which is exactly why reading for 10 minutes (non-fiction) is one of the daily habits included in the LIFe Habit Tracker.

If you’re looking for a good read, you can find my favorite personal development and health-related books HERE^.

Words from the Wise

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you’re not going to stay where you are.

– J.P. Morgan

It’s true that the most challenging step for anything is the first one.

If you’ve been thinking about making a change, there is no better time than now. Nothing will ever stay the same, so stop waiting for the perfect circumstances to begin.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do. So which do you choose?

If you’re unsure where to start or struggling to find sustainable strategies after weight loss surgery, come work with me!

Yours truly,

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