How stress affects fat loss

Many of us are all too familiar with feeling stressed out. You might associate stress with low productivity and feeling overwhelmed, but did you know that too much stress diminishes […]

More sleep, Less pounds

How did you sleep last night? Coming off the weekend, perhaps you’re experiencing a case of “social jetlag” or extra fatigue? Oftentimes I’m asked for advice about how to break […]

Artificial Sweeteners – Gimme some sugar

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting about artificial sweeteners. This conversation got me thinking about all the crazy things we do to both obtain and abstain from sugar. 🍰 Perhaps you avoid […]

When less is more

In a world that tells you to “hustle,” “do all the things,” and “never miss a Monday,” it’s easy to lose yourself in the mix. Women especially fall victim to […]

Embrace the Suck

You might be reading this while lying in bed or cozied up with a hot cup of coffee. Perhaps you’re on a lunch break, combing through your inbox. Whatever the […]

Blood Sugar Balance – Part II

Part I of this blood sugar balance series broke down how each of the three macronutrients – protein, carbs, and fat – impacts blood sugar and why steady blood sugar is […]

Blood Sugar Balance – Part I

One of the most effective ways to lose weight without white-knuckling through the day is to consider how food impacts your blood sugar levels. Steady blood sugar means you’ll have […]

How to Create a Healthy Mindset

What is a healthy mindset? A healthy mindset is a state of mind where you can think positively and rationally about yourself and your life. A healthy frame of mind […]

Top 5 Minnesota Craft Breweries {2020}

In honor of Small Brewery Sunday, I decided to round-up my favorite breweries visited in 2020. Even with restaurant and brewery limitations this year, my husband Jeremy and I managed […]