No motivation for weight loss? 3 inspirational ways to get started

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I’m often asked for my ‘number one tip’ or ‘first step to getting started’ from individuals on the struggle bus or with no motivation for weight loss. My response generally consists of a long pause because weight loss motivation is a complex challenge with lots to consider.

As a Registered Dietitian, my impulse is to educate on strategies to balance blood sugar or offer up tips for busting a stall, but the truth is, more know-how isn’t the solution.

You likely know what to do and have all the necessary tools to lose weight. Learning more doesn’t fix the problem. Do you know what’s missing?


When you’re not motivated to lose weight, no amount of momentum will peel you and your Doritos-dusted fingertips off the couch and away from whatever you’re bingeing on Netflix. This post will change that.

Here you’ll find non-traditional suggestions to help you create clarity and achieve your goals. If you’ve lost motivation to lose weight or failed to remain consistent, you’re not doomed for failure.

Your prior weight loss attempts weren’t all for nothing. You gathered experience, learned what worked, and just as importantly, what didn’t.

You are not a failure. Your approach is what failed you.

The good news is you can change your strategy. The bad news is you have to try a different strategy than what you’ve tried in the past.

It’s easy to default to what’s comfortable or diets that deliver quick results, but please hold up a sec… You’re here, reading this, which likely means you’re unhappy with your results.

To foster motivation and keep your motivation tank full, you’ll have to dig deep and take personal inventory. This starts by (1) clarifying your values and (2) aligning your goals to your freshly-determined values.

Value-driven results

Values are fundamental beliefs that guide and motivate you. Think of your values as a North Star for direction and decision-making.

When you are clear on what matters, reaching your goals is more effortless. Plus, when you tether weight loss and health goals to your values, both motivation and consistency are heightened.

No longer will you think to yourself, “I have to lose weight, but I have no motivation.”

Let’s say, for instance, you want to drop twenty pounds but have no motivation for weight loss. If “family” and “belonging” are your core values, you can foster motivation by linking your weight loss goal to these North Stars.

Example of a value-driven goal – Family

“I want to lose weight” becomes “I want to live a long and vibrant life free of injury and disease so that I can participate fully in activities with my children and grandchildren. To make this happen, I will lose 20 pounds to reduce my risk of chronic illness.”

Example of a value-driven goal – Belonging

“I want to lose weight” transforms into “My weight is holding me back from showing up as my true self. So to increase self-confidence and feel more connected to others, I will eat with mindfulness and intention.”

Value-derived statements like these are far more impactful than “I want to lose weight,” – especially when you are trying to find or have no motivation for weight loss.

Once you’ve established a sturdy, purpose-driven vision, you can make decisions more quickly and build resilience when setbacks arise. You’ll squash self-doubt and create consistency with ease.

So how do you discover your core values or North Stars?

If you’re unsure of your values, Brené Brown has an excellent free resource to determine your personal values. Take your time with this exercise; it’s important and influences ALL areas of life.

Start by highlighting all of the values that resonate with you. Then, circle your top 10-20 values that really excite you. Next, narrow the list down to 10, then 5, and ideally, 2 to 3 core values that define you. 

Once you’ve determined your North Stars, you can create value-driven solid goals like the ones listed above. For best results, write your crystal clear, purpose-driven goal on a Post-It note and hang it where you’ll see it every day. Then, let the action-taking begin!

Use your North Star to make decisions and guide actions on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Create a confidence snowball

When you start something new, it’s easy to go all-in – rid your pantry of all the “bad” food, set out gym clothes for the following morning, and pack healthy lunches for the week. Unfortunately, these all-or-nothing attitudes are short-lived – especially if these behaviors are a 180-degree spin from your existing habits.

Overhauling your entire routine only sets you up for failure the second things don’t go as planned. One minor setback can send you spiraling back to old habits and default behaviors.

Instead of purging your cupboards, signing up for a gym, and diligently logging your food, choose one or two small commitments.

For example, start by drinking 60 to 80 ounces of water per day. Once you’ve accomplished that, walk for one mile every day.

As motivation increases, you might even go the extra mile (literally!) because it feels good – not because it’s an obligation or another task to cross off the list.

When you set small targets, you gain confidence and momentum to keep progressing. As a result, you create more opportunities to hit your goals and reap the sweet satisfaction of success.

I like to call this creating a CONFIDENCE SNOWBALL. ❄️

The “snowball effect” involves taking small actions and compounding the results. Celebrating “micro wins” from your teeny, tiny goals, your confidence grows more rapidly. 

Combine your value-driven goals with compounding results, and you, my friend, are well on your way to achieving and exceeding the results you desire.

Motivational gifts for weight loss

After you’ve established your purpose-driven objectives and started taking action, it’s important to celebrate your achievements.

One way to salute your success and maximize motivation is by rewarding yourself.

Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to celebrate events and accomplishments with food – think birthdays, holidays, or catered lunches at work – so I’ve rounded up a fun way to make your goals front and center. Wear them!

Here are four weight loss motivation bracelets to fuel inspiration and propel your results.

Weight loss motivation bracelets

This motivational bracelet is a gentle reminder of your purpose-driven vision. Choose from over 100 different engravings. From spunky to serious, you’ll find a mantra that suits you!

For a bolder bracelet or sweat-friendly reminder for your workouts, check out these weight loss motivational bracelets.

As a more discrete option, this inspirational bracelet has a message hidden in morse code. With several sayings to choose from – or customize to suit your fancy!

Lastly, for a bracelet to calm you, try this essential oil duffer bracelet. Drop your favorite essential on the lava rock beads and carry your favorite spirit-centering scent with you all day!

Words from the Wise

We don’t have to be perfect, just engaged and committed to aligning values with actions.

Brené Brown

So there you have it. Three tried and true ways to boost inspiration even when you have no motivation to lose weight or start making the healthy changes you desire. Plus, four weight loss motivation bracelets to inspire you on the daily.

By now, you have a bright and stunning North Star to guide you toward your dreams, you’ve chosen one – maybe two – action items to start your confidence snowball, and perhaps you have a motivational bracelet on the weigh – get it? On the “weigh”?! 😆

So buckle up, friend, and let’s get this journey rolling. Savor the scenic views and brace for the inevitable speed bumps along the way. Remember, it’s not about the destination but rather, the direction in which you’re headed.

And, if you need help in the “aligning values” or “action-taking” departments, let’s chat! Now enrolling for my online community for women after bariatric surgery and limited availability for 1:1 coaching. Apply today to learn more.

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