How to Hack, Stack & Track Habits (Free Habit Tracker Printable)

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What do your current habits say about you?

Picture yourself three, six, or even twelve months from now. If you keep doing what you’re doing, will you be closer to or further from your goals? 

For example, are most of your meals at home or from the drive-thru? Is daily exercise the norm or the rarity? Do you have healthy habits to cope with stress, or are you using food to soothe? 

Healthy habits

If you feel like your habits could use a facelift, keep reading! I’ll show you how to HACK, STACK, and TRACK your habits for a healthier you!

The Root of the Problem

Think about your habits like the roots of a tree. In order to grow and have solid, stable systems in place, you must have a strong root system.

At first, your roots may be fragile and demand a little extra TLC. Starting a new habit is no different. In the infancy stages, you’ll have to work hard, and as your roots develop, your growth will get easier with time.

Contrary to this, imagine a bad habit you want to break. For example, snacking after dinner, hitting the snooze button, or scrolling endlessly on TikTok.

Bad habits have strong, deep roots – especially if they’ve been a part of your routine for months, years, or maybe even decades! Over time, you’ll have to chip away at these less-desired root systems which means change won’t happen overnight.

Below are 3 ways you can manipulate your root systems and grow new healthier habits.

Hack Your Habits

One of the simplest ways to develop healthy habits (and break bad habits) is to modify your environment.

Increase or decrease “friction” to make your desired habit more or less doable.

For example, let’s say you want to eat more vegetables. Decrease friction by putting them in sight and prep them in advance so they are easily accessible.

I wash and dry cherry tomatoes and keep them in a pretty bowl on the counter, and by the end of the week, my husband and I have eaten the whole thing without even realizing it!

For a bad habit you wish to break, increase friction. Want to stop watching so much TV? Unplug it or log out of Netflix. Now, you’ve created more resistance between you and extra tube time.

Imagine entering your email and resetting your Netflix password on a teeny tiny remote. Ugh!

Habit Stacking

Most people are creatures of habit. Think of routines you do every day, like making a cup of coffee, brushing your teeth, or putting on your shoes.

To quickly establish a new habit, associate it with an existing routine. Want to start a daily gratitude practice? Jot down 3-5 things you’re grateful for while your coffee brews.

Or perhaps you want to start making your bed in the morning. Stack this with getting dressed for work.

Now you try! Fill in the blanks below…


Track Your Habits

Last and certainly not least, track your habits. Stay motivated and build consistency by keeping a daily tally of your progress.

My clients can take advantage of a digital habit tracker included with any LIFe program, yet sometimes it’s nice to have a paper copy! Download your free habit tracker printable

Free Habit Tracker Printable

Free Habit Tracker Printable
Free habit tracker printable

There are 31 circles for each day of the month. Make it a goal to fill as many circles as you can. If you miss a day, it’s OK. Aim for consistency, not perfection, and hop right back on the circle train!

Print this PDF, add your desired habits, and tag me so I can celebrate your daily wins with you! 

Words from the Wise

“… the quality of our lives often depends on the quality of our habits. With the same habits, you’ll end up with the same results.”

James Clear, author of Atomic Habits

Nearly 50% of your day is dictated by habits! Imagine the root system you could have 2 or 3 months from now if you start improving your habits TODAY!

For more guidance on habit change and mindset transformation surrounding weight loss surgery, check out my programs for 1:1 and group coaching options.

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