Bariatric Breakfast Ideas

Bariatric breakfast ideas

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Are you looking for high-protein bariatric breakfast ideas to kick-start your day?

Unfortunately, most people don’t eat enough protein, and starting your day with a high-protein breakfast is one way to boost energy and set the tone for the day.

Whether you’re newly post-op, years out from surgery, or simply looking for healthy ways to start your day, this post is for you.

You’ll learn my top tips for assembling a healthy breakfast, including blood sugar-friendly bariatric breakfast ideas to help you tackle the day!

Prioritize protein

As a Registered Dietitian and Bariatric Coach, one strategy I teach in my women’s-only bariatric community is to include 25-30 grams of protein with each meal. This includes breakfast.

Sadly, this takes careful planning since many traditional breakfast foods include highly-processed, low-protein foods like cereal, toast, and muffins.

With a few simple swaps, you can up the protein without much effort. Here are some examples:

  • choose Greek yogurt or Skyr over traditional yogurt
  • use a high-protein milk or a protein shake to prepare oatmeal, cereal, or smoothies
  • add cottage cheese to scrambled eggs, avocado toast, or Greek yogurt
  • use protein or collagen powder to sweeten foods like oats, yogurt, or coffee

Find a few bariatric-friendly breakfast swaps that work for you. Most people are creatures of habit, so having a few high-protein staples on hand can help you stay on track even on a busy morning!

Eat a ‘slow’ carb breakfast

For optimal blood sugar balance and to help increase meal satisfaction, pair up your morning protein with a ‘slow’ carb. A slow carb is low in sugar and packed with fiber which helps you stay full through lunchtime.

For more, be sure to download my dietitian-approved, slow-carb grocery list which includes a free mini-series on macros for weight loss.

Examples of slow carb-friendly foods include vegetables, berries, and beans. While vegetables and beans aren’t typical ‘breakfast’ foods, savory breakfast options help stabilize blood sugar, energy, and appetite.

For example, make a vegetable hash or enjoy a dollop of refried beans with your eggs. Top yogurt with a handful of berries, or pair cherry tomatoes with a cup of cottage cheese. There are several ways to include slow carbs with breakfast.

One of my favorite ways is making a ‘kitchen sink’ egg bake. Clean out the fridge and bake leftover roasted vegetables or wilting produce with eggs and cheese for a satisfying bariatric breakfast bake!

Join my online bariatric community for dietitian-approved, high-protein breakfast recipes including my cottage cheese protein pancakes and kitchen sink egg bake.

Bariatric-friendly breakfast recipes

Eggs are a classic breakfast staple, and if you’re looking to spice up your morning routine, there are several ways to change things up. Cook to order or prepare meals in advance to ensure a smooth sailing morning.

Considering my bariatric-friendly breakfast formula shared above, here are several high-protein, slow-carb breakfast combos:

Swap your favorite foods from my Foods to Favor list and experiment with blood sugar-friendly combinations to suit your tastebuds!

Bariatric breakfast recipes

Bariatric breakfast ideas for on-the-go

Mornings can be chaotic if you’re chasing after kiddos and trying to get the family out the door. If making an omelet or hot breakfast isn’t realistic for you, here are some easy, on-the-go bariatric breakfast ideas:

However you choose to start your day, remember to prioritize protein and bulk up your breakfast with a high-fiber slow carb.

To learn more about building a solid nutrition foundation after bariatric surgery, check out my women’s only online community. You’ll learn how to balance your blood sugar and optimize your mindset for long-term success after surgery.

For more bariatric-friendly meal ideas, check out my bariatric snack ideas and high-protein recipes!

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