Gratitude is The Best Attitude

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If you are on a path to optimizing your life, there is no question that gratitude is the best attitude for the journey.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude will take you farther, no matter the environment. Not only that, having a positive outlook and appreciating what you already have is contagious.

You will attract people who share similar beliefs and amplify your immediate circle. Because we act similarly to those around us, it’s vital we surround ourselves with those we want to emulate.

Gratitude is The Best Attitude 2

A to Z Gratitude List

To help instill a heart of gratitude, below you’ll find an A to Z list of simple ways to practice gratitude.

  • A – Appreciate the little things
  • B – Bring coffee to a friend
  • C – Compliment a co-worker
  • D – Don’t be in a hurry
  • E – Eat without distraction
  • F – Feel the feels
  • G – Give to a family in need
  • H – Hug a family member
  • I – Ignore the haters
  • J – Journal
  • K – Kill ’em with kindness
  • L – Listen wholeheartedly
  • M – Meditate
  • N – Name 3 things you’re thankful for
  • O – Open the door for someone
  • P – Pray
  • Q – Quiet your mind with meditation
  • R – Rehearse a positive affirmation
  • S – Say “hello” to strangers
  • T – Tip generously
  • U – Unplug from technology
  • V – Volunteer
  • W – Wind down between tasks
  • X – Xerox the good times
  • Y – Yearn for more
  • Z – Zoom out when things feel overwhelming
Gratitude is The Best Attitude

Words from the Wise

“Attitude and gratitude are not challenges; they are choices.” 

-Robert Braathe

Unquestionably, gratitude is the best attitude! When we choose to view the world through a lens of gratefulness, our mood is lightened, our spirit is full of cheer, and life is just plain better!

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