A Busy Mom’s Morning Routine

Mom morning routine

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How you start your morning has an extraordinary impact on the trajectory of your day. A busy mom’s morning routine {per the usual} likely begins by putting everyone else’s needs before their own.

To help cultivate good vibes and start your day on a positive note, put yourself first in the morning – even if it’s just for a few lousy minutes! Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier or actually get up the first time it goes off. I recognize the snooze button is hard to resist, but you’ll be grateful to start your day with a few minutes of solitude.

Busy mom morning routine

Below are a few simple suggestions to improve your morning routine and start your day on a positive note.

  • name 3 things you’re grateful for
  • read, meditate, or sit quietly for 5 minutes
  • no screen time before ___ am
  • drink 8-16 oz water {before coffee!}
  • make your bed
  • pray
  • say positive affirmations
  • walk the dog
  • hug someone
  • listen to your favorite song
  • yoga or light stretching

Begin by choosing one thing from the list above. Gradually build a morning routine that serves you, and in turn, serves the ones you love. Work on consistency over perfection to build a morning routine that suits you best.

Mom morning routine

Example: Busy Mom Morning Routine

To help put together the strategies discussed above, here is a weekday example of how you can start your the first hour of your day.

6:00am – Alarms goes off ➡️ Name 3 things you are grateful for before your feet hit the floor

6:05am – Drink 8-16 oz water before coffee

6:15am – Read, yoga or light stretches for 5-10 minutes

6:30am – Shower and get ready to tackle the day

7:00am – Wake kids, kiss them on the forehead, and get on with the day!

Obviously, you can adjust the time to suit your schedule best, but hopefully this helps paint a picture of a healthy morning routine with plenty of self-care factored in!

Morning routine for weekend

Morning routines for the weekend

Weekends tend to trip busy moms up. Sports tournaments, social events, birthday parties, etc. Especially if you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, social events and traveling can be a big roadblock.

To prevent weekends from throwing you off, try to stick to your usual morning routine by using the suggestions above and consider:

  • Including vegetables with lunch and dinner
  • Drinking at least 64 oz of water (beer and seltzers don’t count!)
  • Working out for 30 minutes
  • Going to sleep within 1 hour of your usual bedtime
  • Practicing timed eating
  • Cooking meals at home

Try to be as consistent as you can, and focus on progress over perfection.

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